100% Recycled System Solves Age-Old Manhole Problems
HDPE Manhole Grade Adjustment Rings

HDPE Manhole Grade Adjustment Rings – 100% Recycled

Ladtech has revolutionized the underground industry by reinventing the manhole adjusting ring –– HDPE manhole grade adjustment rings that offer a solution to the age-old problems associated with concrete manhole adjusting rings. Imagine a new product that is engineered & designed to replace all existing products, where the new system is more economical, easier to use, functions better, requires less maintenance work and to top it all off, is made from recycled waste material.


  • Mortarless assembly
  • No mortar to mix and dispose of – or deteriorate causing leakage.
  • Easier and less costly to assemble – assures quality.
  • Less equipment needed to assemble.
  • Less chance for assembly failure & rework

HDPE Manhole Grade Adjustment Rings
HDPE Manhole Grade Adjustment Rings
Cost Effective
  • Actual installed cost is an advantage over a concrete ring and mortar
  • Saves city/county/state life-cycle cost
  • Contractor saves on installation cost
  • No Additional cost for rehabilitation work
UV and Heat /Cold Temperature Performance
  • Durability around hot asphalt products
  • Lower actual life-cycle cost
  • Stores outdoors for a reasonable period with no UV deterioration
  • Longer product life
Plastic Injection Moulded Adjusting Ring
  • Molded from high density polyethylene as defined in ASTM specification D-4976
  • Actual resin properties will vary allowing for the utilization of 100% regrind material
  • The percent of post consumer waste to industrial waste will vary with availability and property retention needs
  • Color, shade, and uniformity will vary with the mix of the post consumer and industrial waste materials
Independent Testing of Product
  • Verified product to perform in application
  • Validity of tests using ASTM D-4976, ASSHTO HS-20 and other standards
  • Demonstration of manufacture confidence in product
  • Sales tool for contractors and specifying engineers
  • Quality Control with material & manufacturing assures performance
  • Ladtech confidence with unprecedented warranty
  • Broken rings are replaced at no cost
  • Extra rings are reusable on other jobs
  • Contractor does not have to back product
  • Sales tool for contractor and specifying engineer
Made from Budget-Friendly Recycled Materials

Due to the use of low cost raw materials in their construction (recycled waste), these adjustment rings are much cheaper in comparison to other alternatives. Installing an HD polyethylene grade adjustment ring is also much easier on the pocket. Other cost-related benefits of polyethylene adjustment rings include the fact that they require very little maintenance costs, and because there are reduced odds or reworks, usually common with brick and concrete rings, the costs are even lower.

Reliable and Precise Standards

Typically, when using materials such as concrete and bricks, the precise quality of the rings used cannot be determined. This is not something you will have to worry about when using polyethylene adjustment rings. In fact, the rings usually undergo rigorous tests that have to establish that they are suited to their roles using reputable standards.

As you can imagine, this ensures better guarantee on quality and better predictability when it comes to life-cycle and future maintenance demands. So, any contractor in need of more accurate information on the integrity of the sewer system would be well served with these adjustment rings.

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